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Haikyuu!! OC: Ren Akaitani

Ren Akaitani (Japanese:  Akaitani Ren) is a second year and member of Karasuno’s Art Club. He specializes in figure drawing and watercolor painting.

Character Information


    The Beautiful Painter (He doesn't mind this one, but rolls his eyes when he hears it)

    Scarlet Eros (He thinks this is cheesy and wishes they would stop)


Gender: Male

Age: 16

Date of Birth: May 25

Height: 179.5 cm (5’ 10.5”)

Weight: 64.0kg (141.0 lbs)




    Younger sister(Shun - talented; twin to Katsu; 5th child)

    Younger brother(Katsu - victory; twin to Shun; 4th child)

    Older brother(Aito - affection; 2nd oldest)

    Older sister(Kokoa - love of the heart; 1st oldest)

Home Country: USA


Team: Karasuno High

Occupation: Transfer student, painter

Affiliation: Karasuno High


Ren is noted to by fellow students to have an attractive appearance. He has dark red, wavy hair that is parted on his left. He has dark brown eyes, and has various piercings on his face and ears. A tongue piercing, and for each ear; he has a helix, auricle, and lobe piercing. He usually wears hoop or cuff earrings in his ears. He likes to wear barbell tongue rings.


Ren is very quiet, laid-back, and insightful, but is also blunt and flirty. He likes to observe before approaching people, but is able to bounce back from being approached. He loves to flirt and play around with people, usually wanting to get them in bed. He is pansexual, and he enjoys flirting.

He is very serious about art, and can get a bit carried away when it comes to finding inspiration. He tends to shower the subject with compliments if it is a person, or he will become very exact about the placement of the subject he’s turning into a piece.


    Ren grew up in the United States with his family. His family is a long line of successful people. It’s the family tradition to find what you’re good at and become one of the best at it. His mother, having gone into business, is the CEO of a popular advertising industry. His father is a famous gourmet chef, working at a high end restaurant.

    His younger sister is a Basketball star, while his younger brother is a Soccer star, they’re featured in multiple magazines and articles. Ren’s older brother is a popular actor and singer, he’s been in multiple movies and even released a new album. His oldest sibling is his sister, she’s a world renowned physician, one of the best in her field.

    In this environment, he was usually looked over by his parents and siblings. While looked up to by his younger siblings, they were too busy with their careers to pay much attention to him. Ren’s parents and older siblings were usually busy with work.

    When he was in elementary school, he had an excellent relationship with his sister, but that faded as they got older. His older brother usually picks on him for not yet finding his talent. While he is amazing at painting, his older brother and sister look down on the types of art that “belong in museums.” They often refer to his art as his “little doodles.”

    His older sister often suggested a medical field for him. While Ren’s older brother usually tells him that he’s the “odd one of the family with no impressive talent.”

    So, after realizing that he was living in a negative atmosphere, he asked to move to Japan on his own. His parents had a vacation home there, in the middle of the country so that their kids could “live a normal life once and a while” and he thought it would be cool. He thought living on his own would allow him to see if he could find himself and figure out what he wanted to do with his life.

He is currently focused on figure drawing and watercolor painting, but he’s been experimenting with oil paints.


He excels in most of his classes, but prefers art to everything. He’s an amazing painter, and is able to draw life-like drawings.
He can cook pretty well, doing his best to mimic his dad for a while when he was a kid.
He's good at reading the mood of the room, and is able to run before things get bad.

  • His favorite food is pistachio pudding with vanilla biscottis

  • Current Concern: His older sister sent him so many Science and Medical Training Summer Camp brochures that the mailman refuses to bring them to his house anymore. So he has to walk to the post office every weekend.

  • He is prone to rearranging things when agitated.

  • Because he lives alone, his house is usually clean and to his tastes

  • Nomenclature:

    • Ren (恋) - Romance, Love

    • Akaitani () - Red Valley

  • His astrology star sign is Gemini


“How was that flirting?!”

    Frequently to Tanaka

“Your tsundere personality makes me want to kiss you.”

    To Tsukishima, with intent to tease

“Holy-! He’s!”

    About Iwaizumi

“They aren’t doodles!”

    To his older siblings after prompting from Hinata

“I don’t chase people younger than me.”

    To Suga

“Just because I like to flirt and am pansexual doesn’t mean I fuck everything with legs.”

    When asked why he didn’t sleep with someone

Chat Noir Welcoming Party by sweetfoxgirl
Chat Noir Welcoming Party
I saw some fanart of Chat Noir hanging out with Catwoman, and I thought, maybe there should be a party welcoming him to the cat-themed hero/AntiHero buisness?
Tbh I still miss Chat Noir's original design, and Felix. I'll always miss Felix.
So behold! 
From Left to Right
first row:
:bulletred: Ikuto Tsukiyomi/Black Lynx from Shugo Chara
:bulletred: Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste from Miraculous Ladybug
:bulletred: Mew Ichigo/Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew
second row:
:bulletblue: Catwoman/Selina Kyle from DC Comics
:bulletblue: T'Challa Udaku/Black Panther from MARVEL comics
:bulletblue: Ava Ayalla/White Tiger from Ultimate Spider-Man/MARVEL Comics
hanging from the ceiling:
:bulletpurple: Black Cat/ Felicia Hardy from MARVEL comics
Gemsonas by sweetfoxgirl
My friends wanted me to make them some Gemsonas so I did xD. So, from left to right:
Blue Spinel
:bulletblue: Weapon: chakram
:bulletblue: Dance Style: Krumping/crumping
:bulletred: Weapon: war hammer
:bulletred: Dance Style: Tango
Blue Goldstone
:bulletblue: Weapon: Spear
:bulletblue: Dance Style: Salsa
:bulletblue: Weapon: Scythe
:bulletblue: Dance Style: Acro
:bulletblue: Weapon: arm canon (a bit like the Death Canon from Soul Eater)
:bulletblue: Dance Style: Freestyle Techno


Kaci Hex
Artist | Student | Other
United States
My favorite characters are always little brats or little trolls or BAMFs.

Personal Quote: Holy *insert*, Batman! You need to stay whelmed.
I just had shipping feels combined with the shock of accidental spoilers in front of my mom. Cause I saw some interaction between my ship that doesn't usually happen and I was like, "AAAAAAAAAH!!" I tore my headphones out my ears, "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! THE WEBSHAITE! WEBSITE! OH MAI GWAAAAHD!"
"What did it show you porn?"
"Ooooooh, I'm so sorry, baby." 
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