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Gemsonas by sweetfoxgirl
My friends wanted me to make them some Gemsonas so I did xD. So, from left to right:
Blue Spinel
:bulletblue: Weapon: chakram
:bulletblue: Dance Style: Krumping/crumping
:bulletred: Weapon: war hammer
:bulletred: Dance Style: Tango
Blue Goldstone
:bulletblue: Weapon: Spear
:bulletblue: Dance Style: Salsa
:bulletblue: Weapon: Scythe
:bulletblue: Dance Style: Acro
:bulletblue: Weapon: arm canon (a bit like the Death Canon from Soul Eater)
:bulletblue: Dance Style: Freestyle Techno
Xiaolin W Background by sweetfoxgirl
Xiaolin W Background
Well, I made these three because of a Tumblr post I read a while back. It gave me Jack Spicer feels, and I felt like he needed friends, or at least potential associates that wouldn't backstab and attack him every chance they got. So, I made this group. They're an outside group, neither Heylin or Xiaolin. The group that they're loyal to is based on the Joketsuzoku/Chinese Amazons from Ranma 1/2 and the Amazons of Themyscira.
Right to Left:
Priya Agnihotri
:bulletred: Dragon of Fire
:bulletred: Priya is a calm, dedicated person, often meditating to control her quick temper. When she was younger, her anger and impulsive nature caused trouble for her team, so she does her best to keep control. She enjoys sarcasm, and deadpan humor. She's very serious about team work and completing orders. Her anger is like a wildfire, spreading to others and devouring everything it comes into contact with.
Iphis C
:bulletgreen: Dragon of Earth and the Leader
Iphis is a calm, laid-back person, but is very scheming. They like to smile at all times, taking joy from the opponent’s confusion. Iphis will usually have a plan ready for their team to execute. Very little can get under Iphis’s skin, but Iphis loves getting under other people's skin. Iphis has little respect for those that haven’t earned it. 
Patroclus Moana
:bulletblue: Dragon of Water
Patroclus is lazy, and would rather just play on his phone than fight. Though he cares greatly about other’s feelings, he cares little for his own. If given an order, he will complete it as fast and efficient as possible. Like his element, Patroclus is flexible and prefers to just roll with things instead of fighting. Though, if angered, he is someone to be feared.
Masque's Expressions by sweetfoxgirl
Masque's Expressions
I just took a picture of the expression practice I did with Masque. I have to say that I'm happy with how they turned out.
Masque And Zatanna by sweetfoxgirl
Masque And Zatanna
It's my OC Masque with Zatanna. I wrote a bit like this in the fanfic I'm writing. But the chapter was so long ago! I forgot I drew this XD! So, I decided to upload it even though it's been a while.
Zatanna isn't mine!
Masque is. I love my little trash baby. 


Kaci Hex
Artist | Student | Other
United States
My favorite characters are always little brats or little trolls or BAMFs.

Personal Quote: Holy *insert*, Batman! You need to stay whelmed.
I just had shipping feels combined with the shock of accidental spoilers in front of my mom. Cause I saw some interaction between my ship that doesn't usually happen and I was like, "AAAAAAAAAH!!" I tore my headphones out my ears, "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! THE WEBSHAITE! WEBSITE! OH MAI GWAAAAHD!"
"What did it show you porn?"
"Ooooooh, I'm so sorry, baby." 
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