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Dan and Phil play SLENDER by sweetfoxgirl
Dan and Phil play SLENDER
I was watching the video and decided to draw fanart. I'm procrastinating on homework. Yes. Feel the procrastination.


Dan and Phil are people, therefor not mine.
Slender is also not mine.
I just draw fanart. It's how I roll.
YJ!Supergirl by sweetfoxgirl
Yeeeeeah. I don't like Superman, but I kinda like Supergirl. YJ!Superboy will always be my favorite of the Superfamily though. It's been a while since I've done this, ya know? I was going through pictures of Superboy, and saw this:…
I thought the idea of Supergirl being taller than Superboy would be adorable. But, as I also adore her crush on Dick,
I'm going to be making two of her. This one for Invasion, and another one of her as a teen.
The outfit was a mix of SBBF, Justice League: Unlimited, and the comic version, as well as Sailor Moon Boots. hahaha.
Btw: I'm a multishipper, so my ships are nearly limitless. Aka: Birdflash, superbird, starbird, arrowbird, traught, etc...
I own nothing!

Scorn: [link]
Bucky: [link]
Cap. Marvel Jr: [link]
Dash: [link]
Violet: [link]
Batboy: <da:thumb id="368947244">
Klarobin by sweetfoxgirl
This is what happens when I get bored and want to avoid homework. I screw around with screen shots and Photoshop. I ship klarobin so I decided to do that.
I own nothing. As usual.
R!Chase by sweetfoxgirl
Sooooo, I haven't seen any R!Chase wearing a dress fanart. So I decided to draw it. Yeeeeeah.

R!Chase belongs to :iconbluefox117:
My expectations have been unfulfilled my whole life. I thought my parents would stay together forever. I thought my dad wouldn't disappoint me. I thought a lot of things.

I thought my parents would eventually get back together. I thought my dad would stop screwing up. I needed to stop thinking about it.

I thought we were all friends. I thought you wouldn't do something like that. I thought you were kind. I needed to stop having such high expectations.

I thought that I would never be alone. I thought that I would never be hurt. I thought that I'd be happy all the time, now that I was older. I thought my family wouldn't disappoint me. You're always wrong.

I thought I'd be able to feel happy again. I thought my family would live up to my expectations. I thought that we would never make each other sad. I thought that my life would be better than this. I wish I was right.

I thought that I was sure. I thought that people were nice. I thought that you just had to see the best in people. I thought that people didn't intend to hurt each other. I thought that humanity was kind. I wish I could stop thinking.
Don't read this.
Don't read this. I'm just venting my feelings. I felt the need to let it out.
I honestly wish it would all just stop. I'm so tired of everything. I'm sorry that I'm venting my feelings on here. Now that I think about it. It probably sounds pretty stupid. Don't read this.


Kaci Hex
Artist | Student | Other
United States
My favorite characters are always little brats or little trolls or BAMFs.

Personal Quote: Holy *insert*, Batman! You need to stay whelmed.
Okay, so I'm watching Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny, and I realized something. He was talking about how girls don't like it when their guys have fun without them. family is veeeeEEEEEeeery different.
My stepdad and little brother are the girls in this equation. XD Me and My mom go and have fun without them:
"Wh-where'd you go? You went...without me?"
Oh god.
  • Mood: Lmao
  • Listening to: Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny

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