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Kiyoyachi in the snow by sweetfoxgirl
Kiyoyachi in the snow
It's finally snowing and I felt like drawing some adorable Kiyoyachi. Ta DAAAAAH!!
Kiyoko Shimizu and Yachi Hitoka belong to Haruichi Furudate
Chocolat by sweetfoxgirl
I have a problem. They're so cute, and I love to draw them being all love-y dove-y. The lyrics are from the song CHOCOLAT, from the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OST. I'm just all over the place with the stuff I draw tbh. Klarion isn't mine, I just like drawing him with my oc, Masque.
Through this, I discovered how much I love drawing couples dancing together in their socks.
Hal and Eve by sweetfoxgirl
Hal and Eve
All righty, so in high school, a friend and I made Rise of the Guardians ocs. Separately. And we never spoke about them to anyone else until recently. Only to find out we both made OCs for Halloween. Mine being Hal O'seve, and her's being Eve Hallows.
So I asked if I could make them twins. So, behold the Halloween Twins. They're older than Jack and North, but younger than Tooth. If my guess of their legitimate ages is correct.
From oldest to Youngest:
Pitch, Manny, Sandy, Bunny, Tooth, North, and Jack

They were born around the time Samhain was still commonly celebrated. They grew up in a small village, and as the oldest children, were often responsible for the younger ones while the adults worked.
Eve is tall, and didn't really like children. Hal is short, and often took care of the children while Eve didn't want to be there. Eve is afraid of many things, and often screams in fear. Hal, while he can be afraid, keeps a level head for the children.

One day, during a set up for Samhain, they were ambushed by a group of bandits in the forest. The bandits planned to take them to a city and sell them.

A few days passed and the bandits had camped out in a cave. Eve had been placing small markers to lead them back home. It had been a long few days, so the bandit keeping watch fell asleep. This allowed them to escape while the bandits slept. Hal and Eve grabbed some supplies before running with the children.

Eve lead the children to safety, while Hal stayed in the back of the group to keep watch.

One of the younger kids tripped and Hal picked them up and handed them to one of their siblings. The child started crying and asked Hal why he could look so happy. Hal confessed that he was scared, but imagining them making it home made him feel better.

He noticed that a few of the bandits were following them, so he stayed behind to throw the bandits off the trail. He made sure no one saw him stop running.

Eve lead the children as far as they could go, before making a small place to hide under some bushes and trees. She gave them her cloak to keep warm. She noticed that her brother was missing, and asked if the children had seen him. She couldn't fit in the hiding place with the children, so she decided to wait outside and scare off anyone that came too close. The bandits came buy, but she scared them off using a tree and a few things she'd found in the forest.

Later, deciding to go look for him. She told the children that if she didn't come back, that she left a trail for them to follow home. She gave them the food she had stolen from the bandits and left to look for her brother.
The fall temperature had dropped to below 0 degrees in the night and she was getting colder and more tired as she walked. Eventually, she found Hal's body and collapsed from the cold.
When they woke up they saw the moon.
Hal and Eve have since moved to Salem and often take the kids trick-or-treating. Hal has a small duckling following and Eve has a boy that follows her around because he likes the faces she makes.

Hal can transform so he can wear any costume he wants, mostly child friendly stuff. He can also conjure bags of candy from nothing. He often scares off bullies or anyone that tries to hurt the children. He's a bit motherly, if anything.

Eve can transform to the scariest monsters she can think of. She works hard to keep bullies away from the children and Hal.

They both can create pumpkin bombs, small pumpkins that explode on impact. They can transform into other people, but that takes more concentration. They can also create costumes for the children easily. They can both fly, but it depends on what kind of being they transform into. Hal can fly if he's a vampire, by transforming into a swarm of bats. Eve can fly as a vampire by transforming into a Van Helsing esque bat creature.
On the drawing on the bottom left corner; that's Hal and Eve waking up and seeing the moon.
Also, on the Hal and Pitch drawing on the left, I originally made Hal as a redemption arc for Pitch. As in, Pitch learns when it's okay to scare and cause fear and why fear is healthy and so on and so forth.
This also leads to a misunderstanding with the Guardians, which is why Eve is saying, "Stay away from him" in the orange font.
For the mermaid costumes, it's a quote from Drake and Josh.
OH! and Eve as Icicle Jack was more a space filler, but it's a good comic if you like angsty rise of the guardians comics.
You can read them here:…
Patroclus Moana doodles by sweetfoxgirl
Patroclus Moana doodles
I thought I'd draw a bit more of my xiaolin ocs, since they came out pretty well. So, more on Patroclus:

Patroclus Moana is a warrior of the Nǚ Jié yú. He is a Dragon of Water, and grew up as one of the strongest warriors.


Patroclus grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He has two part time jobs, enjoying having his own money to spend. He’s the oldest of four kids, and has often been looked at as the perfect child. He’s very still and quiet because of this. He did his best to look after his younger siblings, until he was recruited to the Island. His parents encouraged him to go, and look at all his options.


  • Shen Gong Wu: Silk Spitter, he likes that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require much attention for him. He can play on his phone while using it.

  • Wudai Weapon: Shui Shooter, A bow and arrow that creates ice and water arrows.

  • Bow and Arrows: He uses a Ming Dynasty Style Kaiyuan bow.


Patroclus is often thought of as indifferent, heartless, unstable, and lazy. He doesn’t like getting over emotional, preferring to flow like his element. But, he can become emotional in a second, this can cause trouble for his team. He loves his phone, and can become enraged if it’s damaged.


  • Master Martial Artist: Patroclus has trained with extreme dedication, despite his complaining.

  • Dagger Play: Uses a dagger and arrows for close quarter battle.

  • Master Archer: He enjoys long distance battle, and has amazing eyesight.

Dancing: He’s taken dance lessons since he was five years old.

Group Pic:…
Centaurs by sweetfoxgirl
yeeeeah. Just some friends and I as centaurs. Horse/Pony breeds used:
left to right:
Dun Pony
Rocky Mountain Horse
Friesian Horse


Kaci Hex
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My favorite characters are always little brats or little trolls or BAMFs.

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I just had shipping feels combined with the shock of accidental spoilers in front of my mom. Cause I saw some interaction between my ship that doesn't usually happen and I was like, "AAAAAAAAAH!!" I tore my headphones out my ears, "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! THE WEBSHAITE! WEBSITE! OH MAI GWAAAAHD!"
"What did it show you porn?"
"Ooooooh, I'm so sorry, baby." 
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